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Productions and Press - 2018/2019


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Hopelessly Devoted Click Track

Hopelessly Devoted Click Track

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Photos by lhphotoshots



“accompanied masterfully by Shaw on piano, Lambert & Reitman’s voices are set free and easily carry their way around the intimate venue. Even the intrusion of music from the pub basement cannot distract from the stunning harmonies created as vocals & piano blend together to tell the story of “the Thrill Killers”.”


"Tim Shaw played the keyboards flawlessly throughout,"

"...with the assistance of the exceptional accompanist Tim Shaw."

Soul Sessions, Trafalgar Studios, Seabright Productions,


Pinocchio, Immersion Theatre, UK Tour,

Spring 2019

Jack and the Beanstalk,

Bridlington Spa,

Paul Holman Associates

Director - Ian Billings

Beauty and the Beast, Immersion Theatre, Harrow Arts Centre,

December 2018

Peter Pan, Immersion Theatre, UK Tour,

Summer 2018

"MD at the piano is Tim Shaw, who is a superb choice for this intimate revue: he knows exactly how to follow actors and always allows them to be heard, even in the most full-throttle rock’n’roll moments of the heaviest numbers, while providing bewitchingly limpid textures in the most tranquil and reflective episodes, like the wonderful ‘A Single Poppy’.  Equally, he is a consummate marshaller of voices, and in the frequently densely written harmonies for this quartet he always achieves clarity and precision..."

"A well-hidden piano; played with great flair by Tim Shaw..."

"There’s no big band here, just a piano played with gusto by musical director Tim Shaw."

Jungle Book, Immersion Theatre, UK Tour,

Spring 2018

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